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PARADIGM SHIFT | 24-28 February 2019


The central focus of the Openhand work, is empowering people to connect with the mainstream of their soul, that they may live a more authentic, resilient and successful life, totally at-one with the universal flow of the moment. In so doing, we become a part of the Earth's incredible shift of consciousness into higher dimensional awareness, to lead a blessed and magical life.

During this 5 day retreat, we'll be applying the very latest version of Openhand's ground-breaking Breakthrough Work. Using meditation, profound self-realisation inquiry and movement to emotive music, we break through inner karmic blockages, and bring you progressively into expanded "5D" consciousness, to apply now, for successful and resilient daily living.

That's the essence of this event on the stunning sunshine coast at Tofo, Mozambique, at the aptly named "Turtle Cove retreat". It's about touching the deepest levels of your true self and unfolding that, so as to connect up with the powerful earth shifts of consciousness now taking place. Then embodying the new consciousness to thrive successfully in the shift. It will be nothing short of life changing.






jonathan darby