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Mozambique News June 2014.

News regarding immigration law in South Africa – if any children are travelling overseas or across borders, parents are required to provide unabridged birth certificates at the borders.
Please see links. Source from Immigration SA and News and

What do you need to know?
Parents traveling with children would now be requested to provide an unabridged birth certificate of all traveling children according to the new South African immigration law. This applies even when both parents are traveling with their children and it also applies to foreigners and South Africans alike.

In the case of one parent traveling with a child, they would need the following:

• An unabridged birth certificate showing both parent’s details and an affidavit consenting from the absent parent that they acknowledge that the child will be traveling as well as an Id or passport copy.

• In the case of one parent being deceased a death certificate will be required.
In terms of the new immigration law children traveling without there biological parents or legal guardians and being accompanied by adults need to produce the following:

• A written affidavit from both parents or legal guardian consenting the trip.

• Copies of parents or guardian identification book or passport.

• Full contact details of the parents or guardians of the child or children.

The new immigration law is already in forced but the above rules will only be enforced as of 1 October 2014. Please Note that it takes 6 weeks or more after application to get a unabridged birth certificate.

Entry & Customs

A passport with a visa (South African citizens do NOT need a visa
anymore) – For non-South African citizens: You can purchase a visa at the
border. Your visa will be issued at passport control at your point of entry and costs
approximately $100 per person.

Original vehicle registration papers if driving yourself OR a letter
from your bank with a copy of your vehicle registration papers is required at the border.

Driver’s license (Southern African citizens do not need an
International license) 

Emergency triangles – place these in a visible point on your vehicle
(i.e. your dashboard or tied to the front of your vehicle). You do not
need the blue triangles… only the standard red ones

The border post at Komatipoort (Ressano Garcia) is open daily from 06h00
– 22h00

South African side (Komatiepoort):

First fill in your vehicle / goods export form, get a gate pass and then
get your passport stamped

Mozambique side (Ressano Garcia):

Get your passport stamped - You have to pay R30.00 / person;
Take out the compulsory 3rd party insurance (R 150.00 / vehicle); buy the
compulsory temporary import permit for all vehicles - including boat
trailers (payable in meticais).

Police and authorities:
Mozambique is notorious for the corruption among the traffic police. Should you get pulled over at a check point or in the event of speeding or similar, stay calm and be VERY friendly with the person you meet. Make jokes and tell them how much you love Mozambique. Create small talk if you can. Most officers can speak English now and are actually very friendly. You will find that things will be handled much better in this fashion. Stick to the law; remain within the speed limits, wear your safety belts (back seat passengers too please), make sure you carry your driver’s licence, car papers and passport at all times. 

Health Care & Malaria:

Malaria is a very real threat in Mozambique. Please follow these basic
Prophylaxis – Please consult your GP or Homeopath for advice.
Repellants – citronella, Peaceful Sleep, mosquito coils etc.
Homeopaths also recommend taking a Vitamin B complex & garlic
tablets and there are various Homeopathic anti-malaria products on the
All beds have mosquito nets … please insure that you are well
tucked in at night before going to sleep!

Yellow Fever Vaccination:
All travelers entering Mozambique from any of the 43 countries where
yellow fever has been diagnosed must present a valid certification of
vaccination against the disease. Any passenger who cannot present such a
certificate at his or her point of entry will be vaccinated at the cost of
about 54 US dollars before entering the country. Yellow fever has been
reported from 43 countries, mostly in Africa and Latin America. You do not need the Yellow Fever Vaccination when travelling from South Africa

The nearest hospital from Tofo is in Inhambane with basic facilities. We recommend
travel insurance and Medical evacuation insurance in the event of a serious

Take Rands or US Dollars CASH –Credit cards are only accepted at the 5*
hotels and dive schools (who will charge you a 5% bank fee in the event
that you should pay via credit card. Although Rand is widely accepted, we
advise that you exchange into Meticais for use at the markets,
restaurants, shops and petrol stations (You can pay in Rands at the petrol
stations, but you will get a weak exchange rate).
When traveling by car, exchange money before you enter the border at
the Komatiepoort Oasis: There are always people selling meticais at the
border on the SA side at the Komatiepoort Oasis petrol station. Make sure
that you get the right amount of money for what you are exchanging – the
exchange varies and is pinned to the US Dollar. Please confirm the rate
before leaving your destination. PLEASE DO NOT EXCHANGE AT THE BORDER ITSELF!! THESE GUYS CAN NOT BE TRUSTED AND MANY TOURIST END UP BEING ROPPED. Exchange at the petrol station BEFORE you get to the border.

FOR FLY IN CLIENTS:   You can exchange at the bank which is at the petrol station just before entering Tofo. Ask your taxi driver to stop at the bank for you so that you can pop in at the bank and exchange your foreign currency into Meticais.  You can also exchange your money at the Inhambane market. It is safe and you get more or less the same exchange rate as you would at the bank.
ATM CASH WITHDRAWLS: There is a VISA card ATM at the BCI Bank near Tofo (2kms from Tofo) OR you can use your Master card at the ATM in Inhambane (Millinium Bank) with your credit card only… Not a normal ATM card. Please insure that you have your PIN code for the credit card in order to withdrawal from the ATM.

What to bring

Driver’s licence & ID Books – VERY IMPORTANT
Passport & Visas (if applicable)
Vehicle Registration papers
2 x Red Triangles (You do NOT need the blue triangles)
Registration papers for trailers
Third Party Liability Insurance (You purchase this at the border at R150
per vehicle – Compulsory!)

Shorts, T-shirts, Sarongs, Summer dresses etc – the dress code in
Mozambique is very relaxed.
Sandals and shoes(closed shoes only in winter).
Long sleeved shirts and long pants (light) for the evenings (it is
important to cover most of your body for protection against mosquitoes).
Hat and sunglasses.
Swimming costume and towel (We provide bath towels but NOT swimming towels).
Light jacket / Sweatshirt

Swimming towels
Mosquito repellent (Tabard, Peaceful Sleep, citronella etc.)
Mosquito coils
Malaria precautions
Sun block and after sun soothers
Torch – in case of a power failure in Tofo – very important!
Snorkel, mask and fins if you have – most places that have a scuba
operation offer these for hire or free of charge if you are on a ocean
Camera and battery charger
Good book to read
Small medical kit with basic items - Hydrogen peroxide is very
effective for insect bites and scratches. Also an ointment for insect
bites, disinfectant, headache tablets and other basic supplies – surgical
spirits is an excellent disinfectant for any scratches or cuts from the
Hammocks, beach umbrella & beach chairs

Your favourite South African wines
Chips, sweeties, biltong…. chocolate… yum !