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The Indian Ocean waters of Tofo and Tofinho are clean and warm, averaging
around 24 degrees C. and waves for all surfing abilities. The water is
marvelously warm and dolphins often frequent the break.

Tofo surf is seasonal, the peak being over winter (May-August), but there
is a steady flow of waves all year round with the cyclone swells coming
through between end December to beginning March.

The main wave, Tofinho Point, is definitely not for beginners. It’s a rock
ledge set up that wraps around a headland. The wave breaks just off the
ledge, on sand, and follows the shape off the ledge making it a very
hollow wave; especially on low tide (it loves the spring tides!).

The next break is Dragons Point, another quality right hander that
actually links up to Tofinho Point on a big swell, creating an amazingly
long ride.

Heading about a kilometer north to the next bay brings one to the main
beach of Tofo. A wide bay protected from the southerly wind and swell
makes this a perfect venue for learning. The swells are clean and gentle
with sandbanks that gradually produce bigger waves at the Northern end of
the bay - an ideal spot for beginners or intermediates.

And there are other surf spots in the area (such as the next bay, ‘Back
Door Beach’) that work better in different winds, ensuring that there is
nearly always good surf to be had.